Extrusion line for the production of unstretched net 2 or3 threds


IRB has been designed and engineered for the prodution of unstretched net at 2 or 3 threads.


The IRB plant produces UNSTRETCHED extruded net at 2 or 3 threads by polypropylene, polyethylene, LLDPE or EVA to pack food and industrial products or for other uses such as water, air, oil filtration systems.
The plant has a modular design and can be manufactured in different versions according to the type and to the quantity of the net to be produced.

The machine is equipped with:

• Extruder with operating screw having ratio 1/30 D
• Master batching group
• Bidirectional rotating head in different models
• Screenchanger with manual control
• Motorized stainless steels water cooling tank, with system of water constant level
• Mechanical water dropping device to dry the net
• Simple unwinder type AS or double type AD
• 2 electric equipments: the first one is analog with screens, standard keyboard and thermoregulators for the temperature control, the other one equipped with PLC and “Touch screen” monitor having the possibility to store different parameters according to the type of nets to be produced
• Main a.c. motors
• Safety devices as per EC rules

• Granule suction group
• Screenchanger at manual or hydraulic control
• Simple or double cutting device
• Interchangeable dies
• Calibrator gauges under head of different diameters
• Expansion shafts for winders
• Fan for forced water exhausting
• Water cooling system at closed circuit


Fully equipped with Siemens components, the IRB is entirely controlled by a state-of-the-art HMI based on Profinet®, one of the most advanced communication protocols, that allows to control independently and in real time each one of all installed stations/tools.

Always focused on our customers’ needs and knowing that energy costs are always a more expensive variable for each manufacturer, we engineered the IRS with dedicated components that allow to recover the kinetic energy and then to save money in this regard.

Technical data

Extruder size   45 60 ​75 90
Head type   G5 for tri-planar net G6 G6 G6
Max. mechnaical speed m/min 30 12 12 12
Ø mix. tubolar mm 130 160 160 160
Ø max. tubolar mm 270 350 350 350
Max. production Kg/h 50* 90* 140* 230*
Installed powerr kW 19 75 120 225
Open circuit water consumption mc/h 0.5 0.6 0.7 0.9
Ø max. roll mm 1000
Air consumption l/min 0.1

*data subjected to the kind of material and net produced